April 2021 Release Update


  • The admin can now create invoices "freely". Until now the invoices were created automatically for enrollments, bookings and web shop orders and the admin had limited capability to affect the content of the invoices.
  • Now an admin can invoice whatever is there to invoice (services, products, other fees) by creating an new "order" (tilaus) for an user. The system allows to freely add items to the invoice with quantity, unit price and tax percentage, edit/add invoice notes and set the due date for  the payment. When the order is created an email is automatically sent to the user with the content and link to the invoice. 
  • Another powerful feature of the smart invoicing tool is to fill it in automatically with enrollments and bookings of the previous month(s). This allows the possibility to offer "postpaid" services to trusted customers. As an example, an individual 'discount code' can be made available to  the customer that allows them to enroll to training sessions or make bookings with 100% discount. Then, for example after the end of the month, the admin can create an invoice for the actual "usage" and easily include all bookings and/or enrollments. 
  • In addition, the admin can now define the due date for invoices also for enrollments and bookings and in case the school doesn't by default allow bank transfer payments, the admin can now make exceptions and include the bank account details in the invoices  in order to allow bank payment for separate cases.


  • A new message can now be created also for codes that do not have an assigned user, for example codes for marketing campaigns.
  • The automated mailing list now includes a new possibility to message users having valid and upcoming seasonal passes.
  • Seasonal passes and or fixed-time season passes (e.g. summer passes) have now dedicated instructions snippets via a booking_instructions variable  and dedicated instructions_for_x snippets.
  • Users booking a resource or service after the reminder threshold will get both the booking confirmation email and the "booking is approaching" message.


  • Added the possibility for admins to view all future bookings for specific service and the capability to mail all user with service bookings in a specific day.
  • Service booking experience has been improved and it now shows also already booked slots thus offering a better overview on the remaining available times.


  • Forms functionality improvements
    • forms that were filled in by a user can be now accessed directly via the user profile;
    • improved the form responses view
  • An admin can now allow users to cancel also last-moment bookings for which the "due payment" is 0 (for example users with passes). 


  • A resource-specific  time shift can be implemented by administrators. This minimizes the number of encounters between people departing from / arriving for their bookings or training taking place in different areas, but having the same access.